Butterflies 7-Year Anniversary Nov. 25

The Nov. 25 Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party is one everyone circles on their calendar. And the first 100 guests will be greeted with free drink glasses and everyone will be treated to free pizza.

The highlight of the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party will be the Butterflies Babe of the Year pageant, a tradition that Butterflies shares with sister bar Billboard. The contest adds a competitive and entertaining spark to the evening, with the winner set to receive a grand prize of 25,000 baht and runners up another 15,000 baht.

Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party

Butterflies has undergone a remarkable transformation since its opening, much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Looking back now from the view of the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party, it’s hard to remember Butterflies as Jail Birdz or Lone Star before it. As Stickman Bangkok noted in July 2016: “Bars in that spot … have hemorrhaged money or been vacant. Under previous names, bars in that spot have been the problem child of Nana, pun absolutely intended.”

Before the current management took over Billboard and Jail Birdz, “many punters never (made) it to the top floor, and more than a few bar bosses who ran bars on the top floor … lost their shirt,” Stickman wrote.

That has all changed. Now the majority of punters enter Nana Plaza, make an immediate hard left and head up the stairs or the lift to the top floor. The line will be long for the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party, so get there early!


Nana Plaza, Top Floor
3-1/1 Sukhumvit Soi 4
Watthana, Bangkok 10110


Open Nightly
8 p.m. – Late


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