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Butterflies Bangkok is Nana Plaza Thailand’s largest go-go bar with 140 ladies entertaining on three stages. We’re open 7 days a week from 8 p.m. until late.


As anyone who has ever been to Nana Plaza knows, every night is a party at Billboard and Butterflies Bangkok. But as every party animal knows, it’s hard to keep it up seven days a week! We really bang it on the weekends – Fridays and Saturdays – and, given the changes Bangkok and Thailand have seen during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve realized good health, both physical and mental, is so important. So, starting this November, we’re going to be taking Sunday and Monday to “recharge” the batteries so we can keep the volume turned up to 11 and create the best party vibe possible Tuesdays through Saturdays. With the country’s borders still virtually closed, Bangkok’s party scene has changed. The foreign expats who live and work here can’t party every night and tend to focus their socializing on the end of the week and weekends. We want to make that experience the

It has taken four months to come out of our corona cocoon, but an all-new Butterflies Bangkok flies again July 15. We made good use of the shutdown that started March 18 by taking the entire top-floor Nana Plaza location to the bare walls to make the club vibe that made Butterflies the hottest bar of 2019 even hotter in 2020. We’ve replaced all the stadium seating, finished the installation and computerized programming of the lighting, replaced all the mirrors, demolished and rebuilt the restrooms and added concert-class subwoofers. Trust us, “new normal” here is “new and special”. We’re not going to spoil the surprise by showing you photos, so you’ll have to come see it for yourself July 15 at 8 p.m. We’ll be opening each night while the government enforces its pandemic hours restrictions on nightlife. Of course, seats and toilets aren’t the only exciting things happening at Butterflies. Our staff has