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Butterflies Bangkok is Nana Plaza Thailand’s largest go-go bar with 140 ladies entertaining on three stages. We’re open 7 days a week from 8 p.m. until late.

Butterflies Babes / March 2020 #3

Butterflies is a big bar, so there’s many places the ladies can pose for great photos. But one of our favorites is right in the middle of hte go-go, reight near the entrance.
We put a bit of tape on the floor to show them where to stand and the photographer does the rest. We get great shots – full body or close up – of the Butterflies Babes, but we also get a great look at the party bar behind them. You can see the Jacuzzi, stage and sofas, giving you a feel for being there with these sexy dancers.
In this set we have five lovely ladies putting on the moves. Come back to see then when we reopen again this summer.